Choosing a child care provider is one of the most important decision families make.  Researchers have discovered that your choice in child care will have an impact on your child’s future success in life.

Positive emotional, physical and intellectual/language experience in a child’s earliest years can be just as important as a healthy diet and a safe place to live.  A stimulating, nurturing, and healthy environment ensures optimal learning for you child.  Every interaction your child has with another person affects his or her learning.  To foster healthy development in young children, parents need to know that it is the earliest interactions with themselves and caregivers that actually affect the way a child’s brain becomes “wired” for later learning.  These early interactions determine the way children will learn, think, feel, and behave for the rest of their lives.

At birth, an infant has over 100 billion brain cells.  Before the age of five (5), long thin fibers called synapses grow and connect the brain cells, forming the neurological foundation of trillions of connections. It is upon these connections that a child builds a lifetime of learning. The final number of synapses is largely determined by a child’s earliest experiences.  It is at this time in a child’s life that their potential for learning is the greatest.  Research shows that high-quality child care and early education provides a strong basis for a child’s learning and social skills. Parents and early childhood educators have the greatest effect on their child’s brain development. Brain growth early in life is unparallel. That is why selecting the best care for your child by people who understand early childhood development is critical.  The understanding of how a child develops and what kinds of age appropriate interactions is one of the best ways to ensure healthy brain development and optimal learning.

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